3 Gun Matches

    American Keystone Tactics will be holding its 2nd 3 Gun match on 30 June.  Due to the range restrictions, we will only have 1 Squad.  If we have more than 15 shooters.  We are working on getting the range built up to accommodate more shooters.

     The range safeties have the right to remove any participants due to unsafe acts at any time to ensure a safe and fun environment. We will be utilizing 3 gun nation rules for all matches.

     There are many changes from the last 3 gun.  If you are new to 3 gun and don't have things like a shotgun, pistol, chest rig, etc-don't let that stop you from shooting.   Mostly everyone shooting will be more than willing to share their equipment.  I will have all 3 guns and rigs up for use.

     See ammo note from the 3 gun rules below.  NO GREEN TIP ammo allowed.  Ammo will be available for purchase at the day of the event.


     There will be a snack bar/concession stand during the match. 


4.1 Tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, steel jacketed or steel/tungsten core and steel shot ammunition are specifically not allowed and are prohibited. Rule 4.1.1,4.4)

4.1.1 A competitor found in violation of Rule 4.1 shall be assessed a $100 fee for each steel target damaged. Fines will be made payable the day of the offense.

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