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Jordan  is a police officer in Metro Detroit Michigan. He has been on patrol for four years and did one year working corrections prior to going to the road. During his four years he has had the opportunity to work with FBI SEMTEC to fight against sex trafficking and worked unmarked narcotic investigations for his department. Jordan is also a certified pistol, rifle, and shotgun instructor, defensive tactics instructor, and active shooter response instructor through the Michigan Commission of Law Enforcement Standards. Jordan has led his department training and has become an Instructor at the Washtenaw County Police Academy. Jordan has also trained cadets in firearms at the Wayne Regional Police Academy. Other certifications he has received are advanced interview and interrogation, evidence technician, Glock Armorer, and AR15 Armorer. Jordan is passionate about his career and enjoys training when an opportunity arises. He has trained with local SWAT operators, Michigan State Police SRT, Federal Bureau of Prisons Firearm instructors and disturbance control team, as well as retired U.S. Army Special Forces in CQB and marksmanship.


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