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Pistol Courses

American Keystone Tactics provides multiple levels of pistol training.  

In the basic course, you'll learn the proper way to hold a pistol, proper stance, trigger squeeze, sight alignment, how to unholster your pistol and other key fundamentals to start your foundation of marksmanship. You will also learn the different malfunctions and how to get your gun back into working order.  Approximately 200 rounds of pistol are needed.

The Intermediate course is for people who have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of pistol.  We will focus more on engaging multiple targets with multiple rounds.  We will continue to work on the foundation built through the basic course and continue to grow. Accuracy will be the key focal point of this block of instruction.  Aim small, miss small. Approximately 250 rounds of pistol are needed.

The Advanced course is for serious shooters.  All fundamentals will continue to be tested.  Focus will be on speed and accuracy.  Multiple rounds on multiple targets will be the standard.  We will also discuss the difference between cover and concealment and how to utilize barricades. The round count will be slightly higher due to the multi round engagements.  Approximately 325 rounds of pistol are needed.

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