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American Keystone Tactics provides multiple levels long range marksmanship at the Pennsylvania training grounds. A long range gun capable of holding a 1.5MOA is recommended.  .223  or larger is required. Some form of magnification is required. No FMJ or tracer rounds are allowed. All brass from rounds purchased through the range are considered lost.  Steel targetry is spread throughout various ranges from 200-900 yards.

The Long Range Marksmanship course is for the fundamentals of marksmanship.  You will learn the foundations needed to be able to consistently shoot tight groups out to distance.  You will learn the basics of gun set up and ballistics.   Approximately 75-100 rounds of rifle are needed, recommended that you show up with a zeroed gun.

The Advanced course is for people who have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship.  We will focus on the bullet itself, as well as more on engaging farther distances with timed events.  You will learn various shooting techniques as well as alternate shooting positions.  Approximately 100 rounds of rifle are needed.

Long Range Sniper Course 101 is for people who are truly passionate about long range shooting.  You will be given a 4 hour power point slide on the basics of sniper shooting.  It will cover shot expectation, kit set up, wind calling, and basic sniper math.  If you are going to attend this class, please email American Keystone with the type of rifle and bullet you're using as well as your scope. Approximately 75 rounds are needed.

Long Range Sniper Course 201 is for graduates of 101 only.  You will continue to expand upon your foundation.  You will learn about the ballistic algorithm, how to true your rifle, the different branches of your bullet's path, as well as learning to watch for the bullets trace. 

Long range sustainment is for any of the graduates of any of these courses.  A brief refresher course of the basics will be briefed. You will be able to shoot out to 900yd utilizing the range and we'll have spotter scopes available to help correct any misses.

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