Pistol with Rifle courses focus on the fundamentals of what happens when your long gun goes down, and how to get back in the fight. Tactical rifle and pistol course is a necessity for anyones toolbox.


The basic course covers everything from kit set up to sling manipulation.  You will learn what shooter solution is and how its applicable to every time you pull the trigger. The basics on how to transition from your rifle to pistol will set forth a solid foundation for any malfunctions or bolt locks you may have. Round count approx 180 rifle and 150 pistol.

The advanced course focuses on speed and accuracy.  You will learn how to go from multiple targets with multiple rounds to multi targets, with multi rounds, with multiple weapon systems, and then getting your rifle back in the fight as soon as possible.  Higher round count is expected due to the number of rounds being sent down range. Round count approx 230 rifle and 150 pistol.