American Keystone's Mission

American Keystone Tactic's mission is simple.  We are here to increase one's ability and knowledge of military and law enforcement tactics.  We promote safety as well as increase core weapon skills. 

AKT has NRA certified instructors as well as North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun instructors.  Whether you want to learn the basics of a gun, wanting your concealed carry certificate, or you want to step you shooting abilities up with one of our various blocks of instruction, American Keystone Tactics is your go to company.

Another facet of our company is threat vulnerability assessment and training.  Most of the mass shootings in the workplace as well as schools can be mitigated to some degree.  We can help provide that training and awareness to help keep everyone safe.   

We employ a Mobile Training Team (MTT) to meet anyone's need. With all the evil going on in the world today, the only way to deal with bad people is for good people to have better training. If you are in need of 1 on 1 training in self defense for you or your local business, or if you have members of Law Enforcement Officers that need to refine the basics, we can facilitate all aspects of training needed. As long as there are training grounds to shoot on, we can accommodate any training needed. 

Whether it's our boys in blue or someone who is getting ready to head out west for a big game hunt, we provide the key essentials for all aspects to meet one's need.

We currently have locations in Huntington PA, Bedford PA, Carthage NC, Vass NC, and Salmon, Idaho.

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