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American Keystone Tactics provides multiple levels of rifle/carbine training. You will need a sling as well as some sort of red dot/aiming device her than iron sights.  All brass from rounds purchased through the range considered lost.

In the beginners course, you'll learn the proper way to manipulate your rifle, proper stance, trigger squeeze, sight picture, and other fundamentals to start your foundation of rifle marksmanship. You will also learn the difference between immediate actions and remedial actions on how to get your rifle back in the fight.  Approximately 180 rounds of rifle are needed to accomplish all the drills.

The Advanced course is for people who have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of rifle.  We will focus more on engaging multiple targets with multiple rounds.  You will learn how to drive your gun and work through the recoil. Accuracy and speed will be a focal point. You will also learn how to properly negotiate barricades and other pieces of cover.  The round count will be higher due to the fact of multiple round engagements on multiple targets.  Approximately 240 rounds of rifle are needed.

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