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One thing that sets American Keystone Tactics apart from other companies is the wide variety of courses offered.  Our Low Visibility Tactics is a must have for Law Enforcement and private sector contractors.  Our Special Forces Intelligence Sergeant composed a bunch of drills that will increase your lethality as well as engage you mentally to figure out scenarios and think on your feet.  You will not only learn how to manage your conceal carry print but also what signs to look for with someone else.  Concealed holster, at least 1 extra magazine, and rugged pair of pants with a belt is required.

In Low Visibility Tactics 101 you will learn the basics.  Basics taught are how to draw from the concealed holster, moving off line, increasing survivability, as well as multiple drills to increase lethality when faced with multiple threats will be taught.  Basic Pistol class is highly recommended to attend this class.  Ammo count is approx 100 rounds.  

In Low Visibility Tactics 201 you will go more in depth with scenario based events.  You will learn the basics of combatives, how to create space and fight to your pistol.  You will also go over real life scenarios of previous events to see how you would react in the same scenario.  Approx round count is 100 rounds

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